Oakland Athletics and a new kind of bobblehead

By Ben Leven
Oakland Atheltics MLB

Oh, bobbleheads. My earliest memories of you was when I found one of Mike Piazza at the bottom of a Frosted Flakes box. I remember the minutes–or rather, seconds–of fun I had with you. Then you wound up on the family car dashboard, then in the family dog’s digestive tract. Still, Piazza bobblehead, you were great with the way your head bobbled.

Now it seems bobblehead toys that you find in your box of cereal–or, in this case, a box of Coco Crisps–will be moving differently. The source of Oakland Athletics bobblehead toys movement will be at the waist, in the spirit of the “Bernie Lean,” instead of at the head. My week just got a bit more interesting and so did my choice in cereal.

Why on earth are these bobbleheads moving in this fashion? Remember the Oakland A’s 2012 AL West title run? If you do remember, you will also remember the “Bernie Lean” dance the team did. The dance was inspired by a rap song and that was inspired by the “Weekend at Bernie” franchise. I never thought I would be in a position to make a distinct connection between the Oakland A’s and the Weekend at Bernie’s franchise. I’ll be the envy of everyone at obscure Oakland A’s trivia night.

This is the best promotion the Oakland A’s has ever done, if not the strangest. It’s awesome because the obscurity of the reference caters to the most diehard Oakland fans. How well will the promotion be met? Some may find it a tad bit obscure, while the rest will love it.

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