Russ Canzler's Off-season MLB Tour Continues To Baltimore Orioles

By Thom Tsang
David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

How many times can one minor league depth piece change hands over one winter?

Russ Canzler is finding that out this year. The 26-year-old has found himself going through quite an itinerary in the majors over the last few months as one of the league’s hottest waiver wire pickups, first going from the Cleveland Indians to the Toronto Blue Jays, then back to the Cleveland, then to the New York Yankees and now to the Baltimore Orioles, who picked him up today after the Yankees gave his spot to the newly-signed Travis Hafner.

Talk about a guy who just can’t stick on the 40-man roster.

To be serious here, this is really more about the novelty of Canzler’s journey instead of his impact. Sure, there are good enough reasons why Canzler could contribute as a reserve: he plays both first base and outfield and the fact that he has hit lefties well in his small-sample history means that he can complement Wilson Betemit against southpaws or allow Chris Davis to take a breather at DH from time to time. Just in case Nolan Reimold isn’t quite the same after his neck injury in 2012, Canzler could fit there as a lefty platoon to Nate McLouth, too.

So yeah, there are a number of reasons why the team would want this guy. That said, you could probably say the same thing about what he could add to all of the other teams that have picked him up this winter.

Realistically, the Orioles will probably end up sneaking him back through waivers because they need the 40-man spot and we’ll be able to talk about how this former prospect could be a good complimentary piece against LHPs one more.

In less than 140 characters, Jon Heyman summed it up best:

Poor Canzler–wanted by everyone, yet kept by none. If the off-season hasn’t yielded a new home for this guy yet, at least it may have done wonders for his airline miles.

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