Ryan Braun: Shame on You, Brewers Fans

Jesse Johnson-US PRESSWIRE

Last season, when Milwaukee Brewers slugger Ryan Braun failed a test for Performance Enhancing Drugs (PEDs), Brewers fans acted like it was the biggest travesty since Laser 103 went off the air. The test administrator, Dino Laurenzi Jr., was considered to be one of the biggest enemies to the state.

Despite being an honest man doing his job and handling the procedure exactly how it was supposed to be handled, Braun’s attorneys tried to ruin Laurenzi’s personal and professional credibility. The worst part? Brewers fans went along with the charade.

As we’ve learned today, Yahoo Sports is reporting that it has obtained three documents from the Biogenesis Clinic in Miami with Braun’s name written on it. This same clinic has been linked to other baseball stars, including Alex Rodriguez. Owner Anthony Bosch is the focal point of the investigation and strongly denies any connection to PEDs. An additional connection for Braun is his former college teammate and current pitcher with the Detroit Tigers, Cesar Carrillo, was also connected to Bosch and the clinic.

When Braun won his appeal, it was not because he was protesting the results but because of the way the test was handled. Brewers fans acted as if justice was served and the world was out to get their favorite son Braun. However, at the time of the verdict, I was beyond livid at how Braun was made out to be the victim.

The ridiculous decision was treated as Braun’s innocence, ignoring the fact that he didn’t deny using PEDs. Now there’s more to this story and Braun’s name will be properly tarnished while Laurenzi can have his name cleared. For the sake of everything holy, I hope Laurenzi sues the testosterone out of Braun.

When a former league MVP has a failed drug test and documents that connect him to PED usage, Major League Baseball has a huge PR disaster on its hands. Commissioner Bud Selig (also former owner of the Brewers) has his work cut out for him. But at the Brat Stop, they’ll continue to sing Braun’s praises because he’s innocent. That’s their story and their sticking to it.


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