Scott Kazmir with the Cleveland Indians

By Ben Leven
Scott Kazmir MLB

It was back in December of last year, when the Cleveland Indians signed pitcher Scott Kazmir. The question is: was this a wise move for the Indians? Well let’s look at the basics first. In his prime Kazmir was a solid if not very elite player. But that was then.

Kazmir had unbelievable potential at the start of his career in 2004. At just 20 years old, Kazmir debuted with the Tampa Bay Rays, and held one of the team’s pitching records. Kazmir is still among the Rays all time leaders in strikeouts, earned run average, wins and games started. Not bad at all. At 20 I just started renting my first apartment.

But then there was a decline with young Kazmir’s career. Starting in 2008, Kazmir was struggling with injuries and technical problems with his pitching, which of course made him far less effective. Kazmir was signed to the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim in August of 2009. Kazmir’s career went back to a smooth track, not as good as it was five years prior. However, there was once again a steady decline in his performance. Kazmir gave up 19 runs in 23+ innings and was touched for five runs in 2+ innings. Kazmir was released from the Angels in 2011.

Kazmir had a brief stint in the Dominican League and the Atlantic League. Kazmir’s career has seen better days, but now with the Indians he can turn around. Kazmir may not have been the best choice for the Indians, he has been working on his mechanics and has been working in lesser tier leagues to refurbish those pitching skills.

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