Why Now is the Right Time to Trade Alfonso Soriano

By Matt Heckler
Alfonso Soriano Chicago Cubs
Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sports

Alfonso Soriano has been a member of the Chicago Cubs since the 2007 season and has been seen by many as a bit of a disappointment. Soriano broke the 100-run mark four times during his tenure as a member of the New York Yankees, Texas Rangers and Washington Nationals organizations, but hasn’t managed to come to close to that as a member of the Cubs since his first year, when he picked up 97.

Although Soriano kept up his power numbers during his first two years as a Cub, his slugging percentage overall has dropped with age and his previous reputation as a stolen base threat has gone away. Strangely, though, Soriano managed to put together his best season as a Cub in 2012 in terms of production. He set a career high in RBIs despite playing on one of the worst teams in the league. His OPS didn’t get anywhere near his former glory days, but the RBI number is remarkable considering how bad a team the Cubs were in 2012.

This means that Soriano’s value is as high as it can get as his contract only has two full seasons left. For years, the length and size of the contract has been a stumbling block for dealing Soriano. He was severely overpaid based on his numbers in Texas and Washington. Whether or not you can blame his bloated price tag for the Cubs not going out and making other high profile free agent signings would be pure speculation.

Still, with only two years left and the Cubs going into a rebuilding phase, it seems logical that Soriano would be dealt now. The Cubs will have to eat some of the remaining cost of his contract, but Soriano could be a good addition to a competing team that could use an upgrade at second base or an outfielder. He is not the Soriano of old, but he still has something offer to a team on the precipice of greatness.

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