Alex Rodriguez Needs to Go back to the Seattle Mariners

By Kase Brammer
Alex Rodriguez
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A lot needs to happen for the New York Yankees to part ways with Alex Rodriguez, but if they do, he needs to go back to the city that hates him the most. A lot of fans will tell you there is no way he comes back to the Seattle Mariners and they’re probably right, but if he can win over the city of Seattle, there is no limit to what he can accomplish.

He will never be inducted in the Yankees or Texas Rangers Hall of Fame and there is just no way the BBWAA will ever vote him into the actual Hall of Fame. He is damaged goods, but I do believe there is a place for him on the Mariners. If you’re a Mariners fan, you know it’s been a long decade near or at the bottom of the AL West. I am not asking for a long term deal here, but I am a strong believer in second chances: a one year deal just to see what’s going on cannot hurt this team.

You can’t honestly tell me you wouldn’t go to a game just to see him play. Even if it’s to boo him loudly, he will put fans in the seats. I know there are still fans of ARod out there and if he were to come to Seattle, they would show up in droves.

Rodriguez brings a lot to the table besides controversy and the Northwest is shielded from the brutal east coast media. He will not have paparazzi following him around wherever he goes and he can just go back to playing baseball. His usage of performance enhancing drugs will allow this team to get a 30 plus home run hitter on the cheap. The benefits of ARod far outweigh the risks.

The city of Seattle may hate his face and everything attached to it, but you can’t tell me you hate it more than losing. I am tired of watching the Mariners lose every year and he might just be the kick in the pants the younger players on the team need. He is getting old and his hip surgery will make him older, but if they can figure out a way to use him as a DH/3B effectively the Mariners will be able to compete right away.

Winning sounds really good right about now and my only fear is he will bring the juice into the Mariners clubhouse. That is the last team this young club needs, but winning comes first. Everything else is a distant second.

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