Minnesota Twins Can't Afford To Trade Joe Mauer

By Andy Schmidt
Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

Joe Mauer is the heart and soul of the Minnesota Twins. The Twins are starting to run into trouble being a constant winner and the question has to be asked if Mauer should be traded by the Twins to get more prospects like the team did with other players this offseason. There is no doubt in my mind what Minnesota should do with Mauer though and this is absolutely nothing. There is too much value there with Mauer in Minnesota to kill the public relations.

It has become very obvious to me that Mauer is Mr. Twin at this point of his career. There are people who go to Target Field just to see Mauer play as he is the hometown hero. The Twins organization can’t afford to make a blunder like getting rid of Mauer even if it would mean quality prospects in return. It’s just not something the team can pull off without major fan backlash. It is going to be a very rough season when you look at wins and losses only but Mauer will always be there.

Minnesota is unfortunately in the now very difficult American League Central and it is going to be very difficult for the team to finish much higher than third place if everything goes right. I don’t see that happening for this team though. Mauer will continue to be the solid player he has always been and will anchor the team’s lineup while catching 100-110 games. Mauer is just too important in Minnesota to risk doing anything with and I hope the Twins can bring in some players to build around Mauer sooner rather than later.

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