MLB Rumors: Did Seattle Mariners Catcher Jesus Montero Take PEDs?

By Tyler Brett
Gary A Vasquez – USA TODAY Sports

The baseball world was hit once again with a steroids scandal last week when a South Florida-based anti-aging clinic, Biogenesis, was linked with several prominent MLB players for providing performance-enhancing drugs. Today, another name was added to the list of the accused in Seattle Mariners catcher Jesus Montero.

The report initially indicated the clinic, run by notorious athletic consultant Anthony Bosch, provided notable players, such as Alex Rodriguez of the New York Yankees, with steroids and kept records in a notebook that was made public. Bosch has a history of PED-peddling, after being linked to Manny Ramirez when he was suspended for violating the MLB drug policy back in 2009. Other notable players attached to Biogenesis in the report included Melky Cabrera, Nelson Cruz, Gio Gonzalez and Bartolo Colon in addition to 2011 National League MVP Ryan Braun.

Now Montero adds to the list of names associated with the now-defunct clinic. The young Seattle slugger, acquired from the Yankees prior to last season, is represented by the ACES sports agency run by Seth and Sam Levinson, who have a bit of a sordid history with PEDs and the MLB. The Brooklyn-based brothers also represent Cabrera, who was suspended 50 games for testing positive last summer while with the San Francisco Giants. The Levinsons are also being investigated for possible involvement in Cabrera’s attempt to cover up his steroid use by creating a fake website.

Montero told the Seattle Times that this is the first time he had ever even heard of the Biogenesis clinic or Anthony Bosch. He says that feels like he’s “caught in the middle of something” and he doesn’t really know why. According to Montero, the only times he has been to Miami is to visit family and he has never lived or trained there.

So far, the only connection between Montero and Bosch is the Seattle catcher’s name hand-written into one of the Biogenesis owner’s notebooks. Whether that means Bosch provided some kind of service to Montero or simply talked to Montero’s representation about the young catcher is unknown at this point and may never be known. Peddlers of PEDs are rarely known for their honesty and candor.

If what Montero says is true, then his only crime appears to be associating with less-than-stand-up representation in the Levinson brothers. If he hasn’t started already, it may be time for Montero to look for a new agent.

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