San Diego Padres Sign Interesting Minor Leaguer

By Ben Leven
San Diego Padres MLB
Christopher Hanewinckel-US PRESSWIRE

With the MLB 2013 season upon us, the cards are in play and we are ready to start. The San Diego Padres have a good crop of players this year. It is always exciting to see who will return and who will be new.

This season, the Padres are going to look good with Jeff Decker, and the ever multi-talented Logan Forsythe. But the really interesting thing about the Padres roster comes in the form of an Australian second baseman, Adam Buschini.

I for one am thrilled to see this kid play, not just for the Padres, but at the major league level. Buschini won the Triple Crown of the Australia Baseball League, hitting .363 with 15 home runs and 50 RBI’s in 42 games. This kid has chops far and beyond, and they don’t make them much like this anymore.

Buschini was strongly recommended by Canberra manager Michael Collins. Collins knows the minor leagues well, and I think we can all trust his judgment in players. Buschini will get the golden opportunity to come and train with the Padres this spring.

Buschini killed it for the scouts and greatly impressed San Diego’s vice president of international scouting, Randy Smith.

“Quite frankly, he tore it up. He had very good numbers, runs well, is a good athlete. So we gave him a Spring Training invite. We’ll see what he can do.”

Darn right he tore it up. Along with Decker, Buschini will take it to the plate this season and lay us on with some that Australian magic.

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