Anthony Swarzak Makes List Of Dumbest Sports Injuries

By Andy Schmidt
Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

There have been some odd injuries over the years for MLB players. Anthony Swarzak of the Minnesota Twins has made the list by suffering broken ribs while wrestling around with some teammates. How stupid can Swarzak be especially with spring training just a week away? This is one of those things that could cost Swarzak a spot in the starting rotation for the Twins.

In this day and age, you can’t afford to do anything remotely physical outside of your sport that could result in injury. Obviously, Swarzak didn’t get that memo and may have screwed up his entire season with the broken ribs. We all know that ribs do heal but Swarzak may find himself in Triple-A by the time everything is healed up. Where does that leave Swarzak then? It leaves him on the outside looking in for a team that isn’t terribly talented and needs all the pitching help it can get.

There is no reason for the Twins to punish Swarzak for his stupidity since karma already did that for them. Swarzak though does need to be sat down and told that another act like that will find him either deep in the minor leagues or out on the street. These actions were unacceptable for any professional athlete and Swarzak should feel lucky that he didn’t hurt anything else along the way. Swarzak is going to have a lot of explaining to do when he gets to spring training in Florida next week to explain now why he can’t help the Twins out from day one.

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