Former MLB Pitcher Curt Schilling Claims Members of Boston Red Sox Encouraged Him to Take PEDs in 2008

By Dan Parzych
(Dale Zanine/USA Today Sports)

With the 2013 MLB season right around the corner, PEDs has unfortunately been a popular topic over the last couple of weeks as numerous players like Alex Rodriguez and Ryan Braun are just two names being investigated for possible usage in the past. While players have been the topic of possible use over the years, it appears one team may be under the microscope soon–the Boston Red Sox.

During a recent interview, former MLB pitcher Curt Schilling claims former members of the Red Sox organization discussed the possibility of the him using PEDs back in 2008 to help recover from an injury. Give his age and situation, these so-called members of the organization believed Schilling had nothing to lose at that point in his career if it helped him get healthy again–so why not give it a shot.

In the past, Schilling has been no stranger when it comes to speaking his mind on players using performance enhancing drugs, but the timing of this seems a bit suspicious considering how long the former pitcher has been out of baseball. If something like this happened all the way back during the 2008 season, why wait almost five years later to say anything?

It will certainly be interesting to see how the Red Sox respond to these comments by Schilling considering the team already doesn’t have the best reputation for the way things have gone down with the organization over the last two years. Either way, the last thing baseball needs to deal with at this point is organizations in general encouraging their players to cheat–so let’s hope Schilling’s claims about the Red Sox end up being false.

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