Houston Astros are On Right Track for Success

By David Miller
Porter Astros
Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

I doubt there is one single person somewhat knowledgeable about baseball who expects the Houston Astros to be a winning team this season. They are in a much tougher division than they have been the last couple of years, and they have been losing one-hundred games a year in the NL Central. In the AL West, where they moved to starting this season, they will face even tougher challengers. They aren’t going to be very good in the win – loss column. But, wins aren’t everything when you are looking at the franchise as a whole.

What I mean is that you must look past this season. For some teams, that vision is simple because you know basically what the team should look like based on what superstar contracts are up, and which positions have younger stars coming up to the big leagues. For the Astros, the season is really like a total reset. They will have a designated hitter now, and the majority of their road games will take place two time zones away. That’s certainly far from normal when compared to what they are accustomed to.

But they are adjusting and planning for a future of winning in the American League. The moves they have made should set up young talent to be able to show what they can do over a long season. The hiring of Bo Porter as the manager of the young team might be the most important move this year, and in a few years when this team gets over .500. Under his leadership, it won’t matter exactly how many wins they wind up with in 2013. He will show to be a huge asset either way.

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