Los Angeles Angels Have Little Choice but to Be the Best

By David Miller
Pujols Angels
Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

For many years, teams and fans alike have either loved or hated the New York Yankees. The major reason has never been that they won almost every year. The problem for fans and other teams is that they seemed to buy their way there.

The Los Angeles Angels find themselves firmly in that position this year with the talent they have paid to wear white and red. It is their right to do so of course, and if the owner is willing to pay up for big time free agents, why wouldn’t he? But it opens the team up to major criticism, as everyone but Angels fans will be salivating for the team to lose in spite of their hefty pay roll.

Let’s face it; most of us would love to have a line-up like that of the Angels run out there every night. Get a manager that can handle the larger egos and let them go win it all for a year or two before another huge contract comes up. There are holes in the Angels almost flawless team however. Josh Hamilton is a great player, but also is prone to some power droughts from time to time. After getting a nice fat paycheck, who wouldn’t relax a little bit?

Albert Pujols is solid most years, but is getting older as well. Mike Trout was amazing last season, but he was a rookie sensation. Can he keep the same level of play up this year, or will the sophomore jinx nab him? There is a hole at the two-spot in the order, though it’s more of a lottery of who would be lucky enough to get to skip to the plate between Trout, Pujols and Hamilton.

All of these names make their season look very promising from the plate.  There is something to be said for great pitching when August and September roll around, plus, who wouldn’t love to see a team full of young guys sweep the Angels in a huge series in September? The point is clear. The Angels will probably be more than fine in 2013.

Who really wants them to succeed though, and how many would love to see a young team with a sixty million dollar payroll beat them?

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