Martin Prado Should be Fun to Watch with Arizona Diamondbacks

By David Miller
Prado Dbacks
Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

For the years since he first made his debut in an Atlanta Braves uniform, Martin Prado has been a fan favorite. He has always been a favorite among his teammates for his work ethic and his constantly positive attitude. For the Arizona Diamondbacks, this is a great person and a great player to add to their baseball team. There is little doubt about that.

What about Prado, however? What does he get out of the deal?

The only other constant in Prado’s time in Atlanta was that there was nothing constant for him. He was constantly needed to play several different positions all over the diamond, and he did so extremely well and with a smile on his face. What he has never done is play an entire season at one position. It will be some kind of fun to see how Prado reacts to knowing in April the position he is likely to be playing in August. One would think he would react quite well, and his number might even improve.

The other great thing for Prado in the deal is the extension he just signed with the Diamondbacks. It will allow him not only to know what position he will play at the end of the year, but what team he will play with for the next several years. All in all, it is a good settling deal for Prado. He has been a great example of what a versatile selfless MLB player should be. Now as he settles in for the last few years of his prime, he deserves to relax just a little and focus on one team and one position.

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