Miami Marlins: Jeff Loria Won’t Sell Team

By Eric Carlisle
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Jeff Loria isn’t the most popular man in Florida at the moment. After building a new stadium and rebranding the team into the new Miami Marlins, he proceeded to blow up the project just one year in and began planning the rebuilding of the team. Not exactly what the fans had in mind after their hopes had been raised by a shiny new stadium and popular faces on the season tickets.

You might ask, why spend all that money to just turn around and trade everyone away by the time the next season came around? Your guess is as good as mine. Maybe to get the new stadium approved and get fans excited to come out to games. My guess is that Loria then realized that he couldn’t have that kind of payroll for a team that wasn’t competing, so he decided to throw in the towel.

Putting that all aside there have been many opportunities to sell the team since the fire sale of players but Loria has refused them all. Apparently he has his mind set on running a low budget team in a city where he promised big names and results.

Former Governor Jeb Bush is the latest to attempt to buy the newly transformed franchise. It was reported that the former governor had a group of high-roller investors that were willing to make a “large offer” for the team but Loria quickly refused. One of the rumored investors was Gustavo Cisneros, the Venezuelan media mogul who is one of the richest men in the world, according to Forbes Magazine.

It was unclear if Bush wanted a similar role with the Marlins as his brother former President George W. Bush had with the Texas Rangers back in 1998, when he was part owner and managing partner.

Not that it matters now, since Loria showed basically no interest in selling the team anytime soon, so it might be time to buckle up for a long and rough road, Marlin fans.

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