MLB Rumors: Will Baltimore Orioles Trade Young Pitching for Offense?

By David Miller
Dylan Bundy Baltimore Os
Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

It’s no secret what the Baltimore Orioles did in 2012. Their Cinderella-like trip to the MLB postseason was the biggest sports story in Baltimore. They weren’t picked, no one expected them to win, and yet they won anyway. They were so much of an underdog that even after winning a little bit last season, they still aren’t being picked to do very well in 2013.

But they might win just the same. One thing that might be a hurdle on the way to the postseason in 2013 is the offense. Some rumors are floating around that they might want to trade from a wealth of pitching to strengthen the line-up. First off, if anyone has enough young pitching to trade for talent, it’s the Orioles. Most of their top ten prospects are pitchers, and at least two have been in top ten prospects in the game in the last couple of years. Dylan Bundy isn’t going anywhere, so don’t worry about that. Some of the lesser great prospects could be moved though, as hinted at by team Executive VP of baseball operations Dan Duquette.

My thought is that they should wait. While it is a real possibility that they could trade good young pitching and get a still young talented power hitter, it might be worth the wait to see how the team performs as is. After all, pitching that is good and young almost always has a few go down to injury. Maybe one or two don’t wind up as good as you thought, and you need more to make up for them. They might need more offense in the middle of the order.

That might help them win this season. Great young pitching will help the Orioles win for years to come, however. It’s worth waiting to see how the team plays as is. Maybe after that, if the need is clear and present, they can go get someone.

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