New York Yankees' Alex Rodriguez Stays True To His Character

By Ben Grimaldi
The Star-Ledger-USA TODAY Sports

When the news broke about New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez‘ name popping up in an article by the Miami News Times once again linking him to performance enhancing drugs, the range of emotion was split. Some people are angry with A-Rod, some people weren’t surprised, some people want the Yankees to release the slugger, and there’s a small fraction that believes Rodriguez is innocent.

Me, I couldn’t care less. It’s not like Rodriguez is going to be a big part of the Yankees this season anyway, and it can hardly be a surprise to anyone that A-Rod’s name has been mentioned with taking a banned substance. He’s not the player he once was and his impact on the Yankees is minimal. This seems to be the new ritual in baseball: pitchers and catchers report, and Alex Rodriguez gets accused of taking PED’s.

I’m guessing everyone is sick and tired of hearing about Rodriguez and the soap opera that comes with him.

The biggest thing I’ve taken from this new situation is not that Rodriguez is suspected once again, it’s the way that he’s handled it. It’s been well over a week and we still haven’t heard from Rodriguez about what happened – just some garbage statement from his lawyer.

A-Rod needs to come out front and make a public statement about the situation. The longer he stays quiet, the louder the opinions are going to be. The way Rodriguez is handling the situation is the exact opposite of the way he should be dealing with it. If he’s innocent, he should be coming forth and saying so, as it may get at least get him some benefit of the doubt.

I guess we shouldn’t be surprised though. Rodriguez routinely handles things poorly; it took him years to admit he was guilty the first time, so maybe we’ll hear from him in a few decades. The sad part about all of this is that this is the way he always reacts: A-Rod never does the right thing, and it’s a testament to his character.

He cheats on his wife, gets caught and then begins a series of public relationships with Madonna and Cameron Diaz, to name a few. There was also the incident last year when Rodriguez was benched in the playoffs and he was flirting with women in the stands. What normal person would react like that in any of those situations?

So expecting Rodriguez to do the right thing in this, or any other situation, is asking too much. There’s too much proof that A-Rod doesn’t know any better so it’s not in him to do the right thing.

The 2009 World Series, a brief moment in time when Alex Rodriguez could do no wrong, seems like a thousand years ago,. I guess the saying is right; the sun does shine on a monkey’s behind every once in awhile.

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