San Diego Padres Need a Healthy Carlos Quentin in 2013

By Bryan Lutz

Jake Roth – USA TODAY Sports

Prior to the 2012 season, Carlos Quentin was the odd man out in the Chicago White Sox outfield, which led him to the San Diego Padres via trade. The would have been 2008 AL MVP got a fresh start with a “hometown” team of sorts, until he did what he does best – – get injured. Quentin had an arm injury that delayed the start of his 2012 season, but dominated in a big way once he returned, giving the Padres a legitimate 3-4 combo for the first time in eons.

Quentin had a very solid .261/.374/.504 slash line for the Padres. Moreover, if you took Quentin’s numbers and expanded them over a 162 game season, he would have been close to 35 home runs and 100 runs batted in. That is the type of player that we saw when he led the Chicago White Sox to a division title. That is the type of player that was hyped while in the Arizona Diamondbacks’ farm system. That is the player the Padres need if they want to compete with the big dogs of the NL West.

With that being said, however, Quentin has always been a huge defensive liability, and playing in PETCO Park definitely doesn’t help his cause. Although I think UZR is one of the worst statistics out there, Quentin has always had a huge negative number, including the -7.9 he had in 84 games last season. With these defensive inefficiencies, it’s hard to judge Quentin’s worth objectively. But the Padres are so shaky offensively, any offensive production severely trumps any sort of defensive issues.

I truthfully feel the Padres are a dark horse to compete in the NL West this year, but Carlos Quentin will have to play more than 84 games to have any sort of a chance to win the division.

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