Arizona Diamondbacks Look Good Despite Odd Moves

By David Miller
Arizona Diamondbacks
Jennifer Hilderbrand-US PRESSWIR

The Arizona Diamondbacks had way too many outfielders going into the off-season, or at least at that point had plenty. Then they signed a free agent in Cody Ross that it didn’t seem they needed. A while later they traded one of their best power hitters in Justin Upton. Chris Young is all you can hope for in an outfielder, yet they traded him away as well. It’s been puzzling at best.

And yet, they brought in a scrapper in Martin Prado to handle third. Prado is going to become the face of the kind of offense this team utilizes to score runs. Not many home-runs but timely ones when they happen, they will rely on base to base play. They will need fundamentals to be made important and they will certainly need timely hitting. Also they will need good pitching and to avoid mistakes.

You might be saying, “So who doesn’t need those things?” If you are then that is a good point. Sure all teams need these things but last season the Diamondbacks had power to make up for the lack of these. This year they need them to be not only recognized but focused on by the entire roster. Funny enough they have gone out and created a ball club that looks to be able to do exactly that. They might not blow up the highlight reel every night at ten o’clock, but this will be a good team in spite of some moves that made us scratch our heads.

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