Baltimore Orioles Chris Davis and Adam Jones Need Fewer Strikeouts

By David Miller
Adam Jones Orioles
Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

The Baltimore Orioles have their sights set firmly on the American League East pennant. They have a good enough pitching staff and most things are the same offensively from last year to assume they could do just that. A couple of key members of the offense need to take a few simple strides in order to improve the team and their own chances for success.

Adam Jones posted career numbers in most every category last season. Unfortunately he still strikes out too much to really reach the big next level. That’s not to say that he isn’t one of the top tier players in the outfield. He surely is. It’s just that if he cut down on his strikeouts, he would be that much better. Right now he strikes out about every fifth at-bat. If he could knock that down a couple of notches it would probably display itself in career numbers across the board in 2013.

Chris Davis has been called a ‘swing and miss machine’ because of the amount of times he swings and misses. His situation would be better as well if he can cut down substantially on strikeouts. For now he strikes out at least once per game on average. The only difference for Davis is that it’s not overly important to lose the strikeouts if it would change his overall plate approach. He did crush over thirty homers after all and produce a substantial number of runs. Look for both players to try and cut down on Ks this season. Whether they can do it or not, they are still very important parts of this team. They would just be even bigger to the team if they can stay powerful with fewer strikeouts.

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