Houston Astros Got Good Talent in Chris Carter

By David Miller
Chris Carter Astros
Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

As the Houston Astros plan for a season of over a hundred losses and in all likelihood, one where they could be laughable at times, the move to bring in Chris Carter from the Oakland Athletics is a great one. Here is a guy at the age of twenty-five that has yet to gain over three hundred at-bats in the one season. Yet his sixteen homers in two-hundred and sixty plate appearances clearly tell you what he is capable of.

This adds another fun aspect to watch of the Astros young team. With a player like Carter added, it makes me think of the Tampa Bay teams of several years ago. They weren’t supposed to do much but young talent and heart combined for an exciting few games during the season. Don’t be surprised when Carter lights up a league leading pitcher or closer for a game breaker several times this year. It won’t mean much to the closer or league leading pitcher at the time but it will be a sign of things to come for the Astros.

Carter does strike out a few too many times to be considered a super star. But then again he still hasn’t played a full season either. If you project his totals out from last year, he would have just over thirty home-runs, eighty to ninety RBI and around one-hundred sixty to one-hundred seventy strikeouts. That’s a good year in my book. It might not be a fun season all year long in Houston. Some aspects will be fun to watch however and Carter is one of those

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