Is A Healthy Troy Tulowitzki Enough To Get The Colorado Rockies Back To The Playoffs?

By Jeff Everette
Troy Tulowitzki- Kelly L Cox USA TODAY Sports
Troy Tulowitzki- Kelly L Cox USA TODAY Sports


Last season was a disaster for the Colorado Rockies. The team went a franchise worst, 64-89 and dominated last place in the NL West. It was a season most of the players and fans would like to forget.

Rockies shortstop Troy Tulowitzki is probably the first among those who would like to forget the 2012 campaign. Arguably the greatest talent on the Colorado roster, Tulowitzki was forced to undergo season ending surgery on his groin to remove scar tissue and has been rehabbing ever since in hopes of getting the team back on track.

The Rockies are not all that far removed from contention. They were in the World Series in 2007 and were back in the playoffs in 2009. They fell just short the following year, and have been a team that could make a move and be in the mix all along.

Still, the question remains, is Tulowitzki enough to make the team a serious contender in the NL? It is hard to imagine that he is considering that they have only made it to the playoffs the two times since his arrival and that was before he was forced out of the game due to an injury.

Now he is coming back to a team that posted its worst year ever, yet made no significant moves in the off-season. Add to that the fact that the face of the franchise, Todd Helton, is coming back for a final season in what could be seen as a farewell tour by the skeptical eye.

Hopefully Tulowitzki is fully recovered and is able to regain his place as one of the best shortstops in the league and if he does, the Rockies will surely be hoping that he is enough.


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