Los Angeles Angels Might be Tommy Hanson’s Last Chance

By David Miller
Tommy Hanson Angels
Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Tommy Hanson is only in his mid twenties. That’s still pretty young for a rookie that went to college so he should have his entire career ahead of him. As far as a career goes, he does have years and years to make what he can of it. The problem is that he has not been playing up to his potential for a couple of years now.

For a pitcher that finished third in rookie of the year voting when he was twenty two years old, a lot is expected. He comes from the Atlanta Braves pool of pitching talent which also is a good bit to live up to. Hanson has everything it takes to do just that though. Or rather he should, he did. Back trouble and surely other issues have him at the point where he last year posted an ERA nearing five. That isn’t a Tommy Hanson type of number. His stuff is just too good for that.

Enter into that equation the trade between the Braves and the Los Angeles Angels. A fresh start in another uniform might be just what the doctor ordered for Hanson. It’s not the same uniform that Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine and John Smoltz made so famous and maybe that’s a good thing for him. It was for Kevin Millwood to be sure. He needs to stay healthy, make the most of what his current pitching coach and manager want to do with him in order to find his stuff once again. If he cannot do that, his prime might pass by way too early.

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