Miami Marlins: Octavio Rojas Inducted into Latino Baseball Hall of Fame

By Eric Carlisle
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Octavio “Cookie” Rojas broke into Major League Baseball in 1962 with the Cincinnati Reds where he primarily played the infield. He lasted in the major leagues until 1977 having played for the Kansas City Royals, the Philadelphia Phillies and the St. Louis Cardinals as well.

Rojas was versatile to say the least; he played multiple positions on the infield and even pitched a scoreless inning once. He only batted .263 with 54 home runs and 593 RBI over his 16 seasons but he was a pretty decent ballplayer for a significant amount to time.

After his playing career he also managed in the big leagues. He only managed for two years, one season for the California Angels who are now the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim and one for the Florida Marlins who are now the Miami Marlins.

After his playing career where he was a five-time All-Star and his managing career he decided to go into the broadcasting business. He’s now a beloved Spanish-language TV color commentator for the Marlins.

Rojas will be inducted into the Latino Baseball Hall of Fame as he should be. He has become known as a respected player of his era who is a member of the Baseball Assistance Team where they help former major and minor league player’s deal with life without baseball and medical issues. In my opinion I couldn’t be happier for one of the “good guys” of the game getting recognized for all he has done for baseball and for the Latino community.

This is a great thing for Rojas and for the Marlins in a time where there isn’t a whole lot of good stuff going on. This could be the highlight of the season sadly enough but at the same time it’s something to be proud of and celebrate. Congratulations to Rojas and the Marlins on this fantastic honor.

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