Mike Trout is Exactly What Baseball Needs

By David Miller
Mike Trout Angels
Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

It doesn’t take long when looking at Los Angeles Angels rookie sensation Mike Trout, to see how amazing this guy is. Think about an All-Star season; that is something to brag about. Winning a Silver Slugger award brings bragging rights. Certainly the Rookie of the Year honor is forever a mantel piece for any player that eventually hopes to win Most Valuable Player honors. What about an All-star, Silver Slugger, Rookie of the Year that comes in second in MVP voting?

All you can say about Trout’s rookie season is wow! He was the best lead-off man, base stealer and stage setter in the game. The fact that the Angels didn’t make it where they wanted to go last season might be for a thousand different reasons. It is not because of lack of production or lack of effort on the part of Trout. The best thing about him is that he is just a humble home town kid that happens to be blessed with incredible ability. A clean cut player like this is exactly what the game of baseball needs.

Here’s hoping the money, fame and accolades don’t change him. May the money hungry agents not have sway over Trout and his career decisions. I sincerely hope he stays healthy for twenty years and remains with the same team the entire time. If he puts baseball first and refuses to compromise who he is for what he can do, Major League Baseball has its next generation super star to hang their hat on. May it be so.

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