New York Yankees Putting Itself In Tough Place

By Ryan Gaydos
Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

One of the most historic franchises and the franchise that is known for making the most controversial moves has not made a single move that anyone would characterize as big or savvy. The New York Yankees signed third baseman Kevin Youkilis this offseason but could possibly lose Alex Rodriguez for much longer than just a season and for some, they say, good riddance. It is not the Yankees age that is concerning heading into 2013, it is their stubbornness to get under the $189 million threshold by the 2014 season. That idea is putting them into a bad predicament.

New York’s next order of business, as it seems, as to be signing second baseman Robinson Cano to an extension. There is no doubt that Cano will be searching for money in the $100 million range and although the two sides have talked about a long-term deal, it still seems the Yankees are kicking tires on the arrangement. There are not any second basemen that make more than $15 million per year with the Texas RangersIan Kinsler making the most of any second baseman in the major leagues.

Cano has spent all of his eight-year career in pinstripes. He had his best season in 2012 hitting 33 home runs, driving in 94 RBI and batting .313/.379/.550 although struggling, like most of his teammates, in the playoffs. Hal and Hank Steinbrenner reaffirm that the team is committed to getting under the luxury tax threshold but by meaning to get under it could mean the demolition of the team of high-priced superstars, especially after Rodriguez’s play deteriorated so fast which could have been the result of steroid use.

Nonetheless, a possible Cano extension could hurt the Yankees chances at getting under line and if so, fans will have to cope with the fact that these owners are going to make tough moves that will affect the lay of the land at Yankee Stadium.

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