Oakland Athletics Prospect Addison Russell is One to Watch

By David Miller
Oakland Athletics
Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

It’s not exactly normal for a high school draftee to go out and blow up every league he touches during his debut professional season but that is exactly what Oakland Athletics short-stop prospect Addison Russell did. He is still only nineteen years old but has himself on the fast track at least for now in the Athletics farm system.

Defensively he is above average right now and getting better. The same is true at the plate. If he can adjust to off-speed stuff as well as he has taken to other adjustments so far, they have him tapped for possibly being big league ready as soon as the 2015 season. The Athletics are such a fun team to watch because they almost always seem to make room for good young players. They might have to move on when that first big contract comes up but there is usually another youngster waiting in the wings.

Russell is about midway through the short-stops that ranked in the Top 100 Prospects list recently. He is seventh among fourteen short stops and forty-sixth ranked over all. That is not a small feat for such a young man. He is a very exciting player to watch at his position and at the plate. Always at the ready and seemingly begging for the ball to be hit in his direction, he does more than field and throw. His arm is above average by most standards but the way he goes about fielding makes you believe in his ability all the more.

Much the same is true about his hitting as he hit well over .300 across three different levels of low-level pro baseball. It wouldn’t surprise me if he was tearing up AA before the end of the season. The question of whether or not there is going to be room for Russell in a couple of years might not matter. He seems to be the kind of tenacious player that makes room for himself wherever he goes.

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