Oakland Athletics Rotation is Young and Strong

By David Miller
Brett Anderson Athletics
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Bartolo Colón is beginning his sixteenth year in the major leagues in 2013 and his second season with the Oakland Athletics. The Athletics pitching rotation is young and strong as the article title suggests. Colón is the lone exception to that rule. His sixteen years of experience will double the experience of the rest of the rotation combined.

Still, every good rotation needs a veteran and he is as solid as they come. He’ll keep an ERA under four, bring in somewhere between eight and fourteen wins and probably log well over one-hundred fifty innings. That’s a pretty good showing for the almost forty year old veteran.

What about the rest of the rotation? The most experienced of them is Brett Anderson who looked extremely promising in his rookie season and the follow up as well. Then he had to go down for Tommy John surgery. He is finally starting with no restrictions when the 2013 camp breaks for the A’s. How effective and how much impact he will have is up in the air but considering his promise before and how young he still is, Anderson should have no trouble getting over ten wins and keeping a decent ERA.

Jarrod Parker through for an impressive one-hundred eighty-plus innings and kept a 3.47 ERA in the process. The thirteen wins he achieved should be improved upon this season. Look for him to get to the fifteen win mark and possibly emerge as a future ace for the team. Much the same is true of Tommy Milone. His ERA was slightly higher than that of Parker but if he gets to fifteen wins that would be a good one two punch for these two young guys.

The fifth spot is going to either be held down by A.J. Griffin or Dan Straily. Both will be going into their first full season. Both showed promise but I think all things considered that Griffin will break camp as the number five man. Straily could step it up and earn a long bullpen role or possibly even win out the spot. Either way this fifth spot will be a tad vulnerable but not much.

Is it the best rotation in baseball? No. Will the cy-young winner come from this team? Probably not, though you never know. They do have youth and they have talent. If they build each other up and challenge one another to get better, along with some veteran ideals hopefully learned from Colón, they will be strong. The best? Certainly not. They are still more than good enough to take this team to the top of the tough AL West.

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