Starlin Castro Shouldn't Change Positions for Anyone

By Matt Heckler
Starlin Castro Chicago Cubs
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There has been some talk in the world of baseball journalism of Chicago Cubs shortstop Starlin Castro moving to another position to make room for other players coming up from the minors in future seasons. There are a few problems with this, not the least of which is that the idea that a two time All-Star, who many think of as the future of the Cubs organization, should not have to move positions for anybody.

Perhaps even more importantly, Castro isn’t good enough of a fielder.

The primary issue with moving someone who isn’t a very good defender to begin with is that they will have to start over. Castro makes too many errors as it is, and to have him learning a new position at the major league level would just set him back in any progress he has made in improving his defensive skills.

In a few years, with some work in the field and at the plate, Castro has the potential to be one of the premiere shortstops in the league in terms of overall production. He may not be destined to be a Gold Glove winner, but he can be at least brought up to become a solid defender to compliment a very solid bat.

If, in a year or two when we see Javier Baez make it to the major leagues, Starlin Castro were simply moved to another position, he would have further defensive trouble. If Darwin Barney is expected to be a long term fixture at second base, and Anthony Rizzo is going to be the first baseman of the future, it only leaves third base for Castro to migrate to. Being that one of the primary issues that Castro has in defense is that his arm isn’t very good, moving him further away from first base would only exacerbate the problem, and that is beyond the general issues with having to learn a position essentially from scratch.

The team should be building around Castro, not moving him around for up-and-comers.

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