The New York Mets Should Not Sign Michael Bourn

By Colin Greten
Daniel Shirey: US Presswire

The New York Mets have been in constant talks with free-agent outfielder, Michael Bourn over the past few weeks. New York remains in negotiations with the former Atlanta Braves centerfielder, despite his large contract demands. Bourn’s agent is the infamous Scott Boras, who has a reputation of getting his clients the most money possible. Mets fans will remember Boras as the agent who got the team to sign Oliver Perez to a $36 million contract over three seasons. Bourn is reportedly asking for a contract around $14 million a season, and would be the best outfielder on the Mets, if they signed him.

Although the team remains interested in Bourn, they should not be willing to jeopardize their future to do it. The MLB has remained consistent in their decree that New York will have to forfeit their 11th overall pick in the 2013 draft if they sign Bourn. The Mets have recently become notorious for signing players to bloated contracts only to see that player’s production drop incredibly in some cases. Current general manager Sandy Alderson has been great at holding on to prospects and shedding payroll and should not change his process now.

Under Alderson, the Mets have gotten rid of nearly all of their bad contracts. Why go back to the old ways? Michael Bourn has been an All-Star caliber player at times, and could make this team better right now, but for what? Even with Bourn the Mets are still unlikely to make the playoffs, or even contend for the National League East. This team is still at least a few years away from being a playoff contender with or without Bourn, and are better off without his $14 million  a year on their payroll.

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