World Baseball Classic: Adam Jones Headlines Baltimore Orioles in WBC

By David Miller
adam jones orioles
Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

There are nine total players from the Baltimore Orioles organization playing in the World Baseball Classic. Most notable of them is center fielder, Adam Jones. Jones led his team in average last season and is unmistakably a big part of the team. He said in a recent statement that he expects it to be the experience of a lifetime.

Not everyone agrees on that point. Fellow Orioles player, starting pitcher Miguel Gonzalez thinks he can get much more accomplished by going to spring training than by going to play in the classic. He turned down the invite in fact.

Other WBC players from the Orioles organization include pitchers Luis Ayala for Mexico, Rafael Moreno for Brazil, Jonatan Isenia for Netherlands and Pedro Strop for Dominican Republic. Also attending are catchers Chris Robinson for Canada, Allan de San Miguel for Australia, infielder Jonathan Schoop for Netherlands and outfielder Tim Smith for Canada.

Of note in the group of minor leaguers going is Jonathan Schoop. He is the Orioles fourth ranked prospect and it will be very interesting to see how he plays against any major league level pitchers he faces in the process. It seems to be more of an opportunity for a minor league player or certainly an independent player. For MLB players however it is more of a risk as well as a chance to play for the honor of their country. For the Orioles, they are surely glad to see Jones taking part and wish him well. They also must hope that it does not negatively affect his season.

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