If Adam Lind Fails, Should the Toronto Blue Jays Go After Jim Thome?

By Bryan Lutz
Kim Klement – USA TODAY Sports

The 2013 Toronto Blue Jays are locked and loaded. There really aren’t a lot of positions they need to fill before the season starts, but some slight adjustments could be made. If there is one spot the Blue Jays are “weak” at, it’s at 1B/DH. Edwin Encarnacion is obviously not an issue, seeing as he’s one of the best hitter Toronto has. But does Adam Lind really deserve another chance to prove himself? I really don’t think so, which is why I think the Blue Jays should eventually sign Jim Thome to be their designated hitter.

While Encarnacion isn’t the greatest fielder in the world, he should be able to handle first base full-time, allowing the Jays to use another designated hitter. The only issue with a Thome signing is being able to fit him the roster. Three spots are already taken on the Blue Jays bench by Maicer Izturis (who could start), Josh Thole, and Emilio Bonifacio. Odds are that Rajai Davis or Anthony Gose will take the final spot on the Jays bench. But Gose might start the season in Triple-A, especially since the roster overhaul would destroy his playing time, while Davis is basically a Bonifacio clone.

This isn’t a move that needs to happen right away – figuring that Thome couldn’t play a full season anyways – but it is a move that could give the Jays a nice power boost in the middle of the season. If Lind actually hits like a big league hitter, however, there will be no need for gentleman Jim; although, I can’t really see that happening.

Jim Thome doesn’t really have a whole lot of chances left to earn a ring. And if everything goes to plan, the Toronto Blue Jays will have a chance of getting that ring at year’s end.

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