Martin Prado is More Than a Third Baseman for Arizona Diamondbacks

By David Miller
Martin Prado Dbacks
Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

I have the pleasure of being able to say that I lived only miles away from one of the Atlanta Braves minor league ballparks. In that time, I watched many young players come through that I was very excited about watching in the major leagues. One of the best I saw was Martin Prado. Now that Prado is playing in an Arizona Diamondbacks uniform, I can say for certain that a whole new group of fans and players will have a great pleasure in getting to know Prado.

He can play any position on the field and play it well. Though his power numbers won’t necessarily blow anyone away, he certainly comes through in the clutch and always gives one hundred percent. All of that, as good as it is, is only surface stuff. What makes Prado more than a third baseman isn’t the fact that he can play every position on the field. It’s that he is willing to do so with a giant smile on his face and takes pleasure in being able to help the team in any way he can.

His attitude is so positive and rare that it is actually infectious in the clubhouse. You can’t put a dollar value or a statistic on this extra part of Prado that is brought to any team he plays on. Quite simply, he goes out and plays the game of baseball the correct way, and has actual fun doing it. He doesn’t do it for money. Honestly, his agent probably does, but he does not. The Diamondbacks will look back on this season once it’s over, and clearly see the impact that Martin Prado had on the entire franchise that had nothing to do with his glove or his bat.

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