Milwaukee Brewers Will Need Focused Ryan Braun

By Andy Schmidt
Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

The last two offseasons have been odd for Ryan Braun with last year’s suspension that was overturned and now Braun is being looked at again. Braun made it a point last season to prove all his doubters wrong and did so. It is going to be up to him again to prove he is clean once again in 2013.

I really believe that Braun is clean and for a Milwaukee Brewers team that needs Braun to support their entire offense, he can’t be making any stupid decisions. Braun should just go out on the field and do what he does which is hitting home runs and leading Milwaukee to wins. The Brewers are likely not going to be a contender this season in the National League Central with several solid teams ahead of them but if Braun can have himself another MVP-type year, anything is possible. You would have to believe that Braun has to hit 40-45 home runs with 120-130 RBI for Milwaukee to have any hope for a playoff berth.

Braun can hit those numbers without any problem but the team around him has to be hitting as well or Braun is going to find himself being pitched around a lot. Braun is the player that is filling up Miller Park these days and with that comes the responsibility to the fans and especially the young fans to stay clean. Braun looks like he is ready to go have another huge season for the Brewers though. It will all depend on his teammates if things are going to go well in Milwaukee in 2013.

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