MLB Rumors: Carlos Gonzalez Aiming For 30/30 in 2013

By Jeff Everette
Carlos Gonzalez- Mark Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports
Mark Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports


It comes as no surprise to hear of a major league ball player that is aiming for the sky in the upcoming season, in fact, it is the normal order of business. Teams come in and start getting ready for Spring Training and the guys get to talking. It is the way it has always been, and is likely the way it will always be.

Every so often, though, there will be a guy whose ability level matches his aspirations. Such is the case with the Colorado Rockies left fielder, Carlos Gonzalez. MLB Rumors have it that the young left-hander is focused on getting 30 home runs this season, as well as 30 stolen bases.

Ambitious? Yes. Out of Gonzalez reach? Not at all.

In 2012, Gonzalez hit for 22 home runs and had 20 stolen bases. His footwork is excellent and his hand-eye is off the charts. He also hit for .303, and drove in 85 RBI, showing he is extremely talented and reliable. He has surpassed 20/20 in each of his last two seasons, so his goal of 30/30 should actually be just the natural evolution of his game.

Gonzalez hits in one of the friendliest parks in the league and is entering his fifth year in the Rockies uniform. Last season, he carried the brunt of the weight on his back when teammate Troy Tulowitzki was lost for the season. Between the experience he gained from the added pressure, and the number of years he has in the same park, Gonzales is in the perfect situation to pull off 30 and 30.

This season, the responsibilities should be evenly distributed and Gonzalez will have an opportunity to shine. Will he get his 30 homers and 30 steals? I don’t know, but I wouldn’t bet against him.


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