Dayan Viciedo Is the Wild Card for the 2013 Chicago White Sox

By Bryan Lutz
Jerry Lai – USA TODAY Sports

There isn’t a whole lot of turnover from the Chicago White Sox team that took second to the Detroit Tigers  in the division last season. Outside of swapping Jeff Keppinger for Kevin Youkilis and losing AJ Pierzynski in free agency, the 2013 White Sox are virtually the same team, which is why I’m not all that optimistic for 2013. However, there is one player who is a complete wild card when it comes to production. He is also the player I get frustrated with the most on the current team. That player is none other than Dayan Viciedo. 

Ever since Viciedo signed with the White Sox, fans have constantly praised him as being the big thing to come out of Cuba. I, on the other hand, was – and still am – skeptical about Viciedo’s talent today. Viciedo’s biggest asset is obviously his power; he isn’t called the Cuban Tank for nothing. He also has a very solid throwing arm that makes up for his lack of range in leftfield. Outside of his power and arm, however, there isn’t a whole lot to like about Viciedo.

I keep telling myself that he’s young and will figure it out, but I cannot think of a hitter who understands the proper techniques of hitting less than Viciedo. If he just took half the pitches he swings at, he could be a .280/.350/.500 hitter; instead, he swings at virtually anything that is thrown at him.

There are a lot of players on the White Sox that will likely regress, so they need an improved version of Dayan Viciedo to help keep their offense afloat. If he doesn’t improve his batting style, it might be a very, very aggravating offense to watch in 2013, unless you enjoy no walks, low averages and a lot of strikeouts.

Please get some walks, Dayan. That’s all I ask. If you do, maybe the White Sox have a better chance than I give them credit for.

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