Chicago Cubs Pitcher Carlos Marmol Claims Allegations Against Him Are False

By Michael Terrill
Allan Henry-USA TODAY Sports

Chicago Cubs closer Carlos Marmol is claiming that the domestic assault allegations against him are false and that he is being set up by his accusers.

The incident occurred in the Dominican Republic on Oct. 28 of last year in which Marmol allegedly attacked a 24-year-old woman and tried to have sex with her. However, Marmol is claiming his innocence because the woman is simply trying to get a big pay day.

“I didn’t do anything,” Marmol said. “It is about money. The first thing, when they went to the police, was they asked for money right away. And I know I didn’t do anything. I gave a ride to this girl, and she pretended that I hurt and tried to have sex with her. And I never did that.”

Marmol is clearly frustrated by the incident that many athletes who reside in other countries face. Everyone knows who they are and it is impossible for these celebrities to move around town without anyone noticing. Whether it is kidnapping of a family member or extortion, these athletes are constantly harassed by citizens who are trying to get paid.

“They try to hurt me because everybody knows me in the Dominican and in Chicago, too,” he said. “They tried to make me scared by trying to hurt my reputation in baseball and my future to get money. But I’m not going to give them my money because I didn’t do anything.”

It is impossible for anyone to know the truth until all of the facts come out or a witness to the incident steps forward. However, the fact that the woman immediately asked for money at the police station when reporting the “attack” certainly raises some red flags and could be enough to get Marmol out of the potential charges.

If Marmol is telling the truth, hopefully the incident will go away soon so he can concentrate on getting ready for the 2013 MLB season. However, there is still a chance he will have to go back to the Dominican and appear in court in which case he would then miss some of spring training.

Marmol went 3-3 last season with a 3.42 earned run average and 72 strikeouts in 61 appearances for the Cubs.

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