John Danks Needs to Reassert Himself in the Chicago White Sox Rotation

By Bryan Lutz
Mike DiNovo – USA TODAY Sports

To say the 2012 season was a disaster for John Danks would be a massive understatement. Everything started off well for the 27-year old left-hander, considering he signed a $56 million extension with the Chicago White Sox during the winter. This was a deal that solidified Danks as the ace of the rotation. However, Danks was everything but an ace in 2012.

Danks had a 5.70 ERA in a injury-riddled 2012. I’m fairly convinced Danks was hurt to start the season, seeing as K/9 ratio was well below his career average. I’m going to assume Danks felt the pressure to pitch because of the contract, further damaging his left arm in the process. Luckily for the White Sox, however, a lot of pitchers filled in nicely for Danks – – most notably Jose Quintana. But if the White Sox have any sort of chance in 2013, they will need Danks to earn every penny of that contract.

The White Sox do have a good rotation without Danks, figuring Chris Sale and Jake Peavy can repeat their seasons from last year. There isn’t really any injury concerns for Danks heading into camp. Every report states that the White Sox expect him to be healthy by the start of the regular season. If these reports come to fruition and Danks is healthy, I am willing to bet the White Sox finally pull the trigger on a Gavin Floyd deal. I have no problems with the White Sox keeping Floyd around as of right now, but it would be in their best interest to ship the right-hander if Danks is good to go.

Danks’ spring is probably the most interesting thing to watch for, because if he gets the feel of his changeup back the White Sox rotation could carry the team on their backs.

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