MLB Rumors: Washington Nationals Interested In Kyle Lohse?

By jason evans
Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier today, there were reports of the Washington Nationals possibly sneaking in and signing free agent pitcher Kyle Lohse. Lohse, right now, is the top free agent left on the market with Michael Bourn signing yesterday. Lohse, like many of the Nats, is a Scott Boras client, and at this point, maybe Lohse will take a one or two year deal to sign with the Nationals.

If the Nationals sign him, it would cost them their second round pick, since their first round pick went to the New York Yankees, due to the signing of Rafael Soriano. (Yes, he’s a Scott Boras client) Lohse would be insurance for the Nationals in case Gio Gonzalez is indeed suspended for his involvement with a Miami health and wellness clinic. Gonzalez has been meeting with MLB investigators.

Lohse would also be insurance in case Dan Haren isn’t quite healthy. Haren didn’t have a typical season for him last year with Los Angeles Angels, and was on the disabled list for the first time, and is on a one year deal with the club.

If this move were to come to fruition, I’m not sure how much I agree with it. The only way it truly makes sense is if Gonzalez is suspended 50 games. They’d have six starters for five spots, and that means someone will be in the bullpen (probably Ross Detwiler). Would it make the Nationals better? Sure, however, it’s kind of a video game move, and that may not work and cause issues in the clubhouse.

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