Should the Texas Rangers Trade Elvis Andrus?

By Kyle McAreavy
Jurickson Profar and Elvis Andrus
Kevin Jairaj- US Press wire

I have been hearing many rumors about how the Texas Rangers should trade Jurickson Profar for a top pitcher, since there isn’t an open spot for him in the Rangers infield anytime soon due to Elvis Andrus. One of the names that has been floating around is, David Price but come on, that isn’t going to happen. The Tampa Bay Rays already traded away a top pitcher this off-season, and they aren’t going to trade the 2012 Cy Young award winner for an unproven prospect.

But back to my main point. Super-agent Scott Boras (representative for Andrus) has recently declined a long term offer from the Rangers. Maybe this year they can stick with Andrus, but he goes on the free agent market after the 2014 season, and he is going to be very expensive to keep once he hits the market.

I say, let Andrus play this year and give Profar some major league time, but not as the starter. I understand that Andrus will be a more valuable trade piece right now than he will next year at this time (assuming he has an average 2013), but can you really say that Profar is ready to take on the duties of a starter on a perennial AL West contending team? I don’t care who it is – a rookie should be worked in instead of thrust directly into a starting role.

You wouldn’t get as much for Andrus even right now as you would for Profar, but once Profar is ready to start (2014 in my opinion or late 2013 at best), Andrus will still be a valuable trade piece that will be able to pull back a valid major league pitcher and a prospect or two.

So let Andrus play this year, let Profar learn for a year, and then trade Andrus next off-season when Profar is ready to handle the pressure of being a starting shortstop on a top of the line major league team like the Rangers.

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