MLB Has To Kick Players Out Of Baseball After One Failed PED Test

By Nik Swartz
Bud Selig MLB Commissioner
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With so much attention on the use of performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) recently, it is time for MLB to finally step up and show some intestinal fortitude, deal with the issue, and get it out of baseball for good. The main problem has always been MLB officials’ fear of facing the problem head on, because of the “can of worms” it may open up.

It’s time for MLB commissioner Bud Selig to change everything to do with how the league deals with this issue, starting with the testing of the players, to the fines and suspensions given when a player comes up dirty. If Selig does nothing, MLB will forever be ruined and he will be remembered as the man who let it happen.

Selig’s first move has to be getting an outside organization to investigate the entire league, from top to bottom. It may air all of baseball’s dirty little secrets, but it has to be done. Selig, for some reason, had thought that he was past this point and everyone had moved on.

Only a fool would believe that players aren’t still using; only a fool would believe that baseball had gotten past players using PEDs.

The 50-game suspensions aren’t working, the fines aren’t working, and when the league did find a player guilty of using, they let him weasel his way out of the suspension. Not only did he get away with it by using smoke and mirrors, but he still got to keep his MVP trophy.

A year later, this particular individual again is mixed up with PEDs. What kind of message is this sending to young guys looking for that edge? Now it is time for baseball, at every level, to have a one and done policy.

Baseball is America’s Favorite Pastime. Baseball is supposed to be as American as apple pie, but with the money players can, and are making, the competition to be the best is higher than ever. With all the competition to be the best, players will do anything to get there, especially the players that get recruited as young as 14-years old from very poor countries.

There is only one group that can fix the PED problem, and that is the top dogs in MLB. The rules have to not just be stricter, they should be simple – if a player uses an illegal substance to make him better, he is gone. As much as this country is about second chances and everyone getting one, baseball has already had its second chance – for the players, the owners and Selig.

The rules that exist now obviously aren’t working because it seems to be getting really bad again. The only way to eliminate PEDs is by ending the players’ careers. With the fear of losing their huge contracts, facing the fact that most could never get any other job, they will think twice before using PEDs; if they don’t, so be it, they can file for unemployment.

There really isn’t any other way now; MLB has gotten stricter since the Mark McGwire, Roger Clemens times, and it hasn’t stopped players from using. Instead, it is as if MLB has come full circle, and this time, it’s much worse. There is only one way to save the game, but MLB will never kick players out after failing one drug test because of all the money they will lose.

If MLB does not handle this now, they will never get PEDs out of baseball, and fans will just have to deal with the fact that they are watching a league full cheaters, led by a group of hypocrites.

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