New York Yankees: Is Michael Pineda a Bust Yet?

By Kyle McAreavy
Michael Pineda
Kim Klement- US Presswire

Ever since the New York Yankees traded Jesus Montero to the Seattle Mariners for Michael Pineda last year, Pineda hasn’t thrown a single inning. It has recently been announced that Pineda wont pitch this spring.

With the limited Success Montero had in Seattle last year and the Yankees new-found catching problem, does this make the trade a complete bust? Not yet.

Why, you may ask? With the success and potential Montero has in Seattle and the lack of anything Pineda has done in New York, this definitely looks like a bust.

But, Pineda has huge potential if he can get back on the field. Maybe taking this spring off will allow Pineda to get back to where he was his rookie year in Seattle throwing upper 90s with a sick slider and a developing change-up. Maybe he has had time to perfect that change-up while he has been gone.

The Yankees definitely have an issue at catcher being that Francisco Cervelli is the best option at this time, but the rotation is a huge liability too. Other than C.C. Sabathia and Hiroki Kuroda, this rotation does not look very good (and Kuroda really only has had one or two good seasons. depending on what you consider good).

Andy Pettitte is one of the best pitchers in Yankee history, but he isn’t the man he once was and he may have trouble staying on the field this year. Phil Hughes and Ivan Nova are both in the process of becoming likely number-two or three starters but right now, they both need to work hard on consistency.

If Pineda can be on the field consistently this year, he could easily be the number-two in this rotation. We have seen proof the last few years that pitching wins championships over hitting. So if Pineda gets back on the field, then this deal could still turn out as a win for the Yankees.

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