Texas Rangers Hurt Michael Young and Themselves

By Kyle McAreavy
Michael Young
Kyle Terada- US Presswire

I know this is coming a little late, but I’m looking back over the off-season. Many people consider Michael Young to be the greatest Texas Ranger ever. I agree, how can anyone beat him? Nobody ever lasted nearly as long with the team as he did. He was the best leader the Rangers have ever seen. He is one of the best leaders the game of baseball has ever seen, and he did everything the Rangers ever asked him to do.

Why–WHY would Jon Daniels think it is a good idea to trade Young? I understand he is getting up there in age. He isn’t the player he used to be, but he still hit a slash line of .277/.312/.370. No, that’s not great, and its not near his lifetime of .301/.347/.444, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t produce.

He wasn’t an All-Star, but he was still an above-average player because he has so many intangible attributes, and he is worth so much more than his negative 1.4 fWAR. He did not lead the Rangers to a loss and a half – he was definitely worth at least a few wins last year, if not for his production, then for his leadership.

Besides, Young did everything the Rangers ever asked him to do, starting at second until the Rangers brought up Ian Kinsler, then playing shortstop until the Rangers asked him to move to third so they would have room for Elvis Andrus.

Young then willingly becoming a DH because the team brought in Adrian Beltre to play third, accepting a part-time platoon role, taking playing time when guys needed a day off. The Rangers treated Young like crap the entire time he played for them, and then they traded him because he didn’t produce like he used to. Young took all the crap the Rangers gave him because of his love for the game and his team.

I’m actually glad Young got to go somewhere that he might be appreciated but looking at this from a Rangers’ point of view, they lost an amazing leader, and they will definitely suffer because of it.

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