Baltimore Orioles Danny Valencia Sternly Denies PED Allegations

By David Miller
Danny Valencia Orioles
Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

When the news broke that there was a list of athletes who all supposedly saw one doctor for performance enhancing drugs, or PEDs, everyone began to salivate to get that list of names. Since that time there have been denials from all around and it has to make you ask if something funny is going on with this clinic and this Tony Bosch guy. One Baltimore Orioles player denies any ties to the group so convincingly that it makes the whole thing seem like a joke.

Danny Valencia has played a few places throughout his career with only one season where he saw full time play. He has never pounded fifty homeruns or anything, though he does have good power when he gets the plate appearances. When his name was mentioned in connection with this clinic and the PED scandal, Valencia simply said he had nothing to do with it. He said he had never had any contact with them, had never met them or even heard of Bosch until the story broke. Valencia went on to say that it didn’t matter who looked into what. He knew he wouldn’t get in trouble because he didn’t do anything wrong.

Man, that’s what I call a denial. You get the feeling that Valencia is just shrugging as he says, nah it’s not true. When you consider that his name was written and then scribbled out at the bottom of the so called “list”, it really begins to look like this whole thing could be a sham. I could write a list of famous names and tell the press that I played hopscotch with these people but no one would think anything of it. The only reason this gained traction is because he said it was PEDs. For now, after Valencia’s denial was so convincing, I’m not sure any of it is true at all. I guess MLB’s investigation will let us know for sure.

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