Detroit Tigers: Justin Verlander Thinks Free Agency Sounds “Interesting”

By Eric Carlisle
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Tigers are going to have their hands full in a couple years when it comes to contract negotiations. With two top players hitting free agency in the coming years, they will have to make some decisions dealing with payroll.

Miguel Cabrera will be a free agent before the 2016 season, and Justin Verlander will hit the market before the 2015 season. Verlander has said several times he loves Detroit and could see himself playing his whole career for the Tigers, but the tone was a little different a couple days ago when asked about the possibility of free agency.

“I think that’d be a blast. If I have two more years like I just had, it would be pretty interesting,” Verlander said about the idea of testing the market. “You know how competitive I am. It’s kind of fun thinking about having teams battle for you.” Which they would, as likely every team in baseball with the money available to sign him would try to wine and dine the Cy Young Award winner into signing with their team.

Verlander is one of those pitchers that come around once in a lifetime. He’s going to turn 30 this next week, and is still in the prime of his career. The Tigers ace went 17-8 last year with a 2.64 ERA which was, believe it or not an average year for the right-hander. In his eight seasons in Major League Baseball, he’s racked up 124 wins and almost 1,500 strikeouts, averaging out to 8.4 per nine innings of work.

In my eyes, he has to be signed no matter the amount of money, although it’s easy for me to say considering I’m not the one writing the check. He will most likely be the first or second pitcher to sign a contract for $200 million, and he deserves every penny of it. He’s the type of pitcher that whenever he takes the mound, you have a decent chance at seeing a no-hitter or even a perfect game. That’s the kind of player fans want to see, and the kind of player that will win you a World Series.

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