Oakland Athletics Glad to Have No Players in World Baseball Classic

By David Miller
Oakland Athletics
Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The World Baseball Classic is coming up fast and every single Major League Baseball team is going to be affected. Well, almost every team. As of now, the Oakland Athletics  have no one participating in the WBC. Managers and coaches along with front office personnel of every team are quick to say how happy they are for any player that wants to participate to go ahead and do so. For the Athletics however, since they have no one, it comes out that they are glad to have their guys sticking around through Spring Training.

It makes you wonder how many managers say they are happy for a player to be involved in the Classic, just to turn around and sigh heavily and wish they weren’t. I’m not sure how many would admit it, but I’d be willing to bet that a vast majority of managers would rather not have their every day major leaguers playing in the Classic since it is perched in such a strange place on the calendar.

Perhaps if it were in a different time of the year, it might make sense but with it being during Spring Training, it has no way of not affecting the team. The Athletics will not be affected as of now and they are very happy for it. While other teams are filling holes and praying for no one to get injured in the WBC, the Athletics will just be going about their business as a team getting ready for the season.

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