Kelly Shoppach is Exactly Who Seattle Mariners Needed

By David Miller
Kelly Shoppach Mariners
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

If you can think of a winning Major League Baseball team that you followed or still follow, you will notice a very key component is there each and every time. You might overlook this spoke in the wheel of a successful team if you don’t look close enough but it is actually more important than that. I am talking about the role of a team’s backup catcher. For the Atlanta Braves through their record setting winning streak, they always had a solid backup catcher. Think of one you followed and I promise there is a solid, usually veteran backup.

The Seattle Mariners are getting close to where every team wants to be. What do they need to get over the hump? Obviously they need a lot of things to fall into place correctly but one component they need to get right the first time is the backup catcher’s spot. Enter Kelly Shoppach into the fray and you instantly have your perfect backup. Here’s why.

He’s good and solid and knows how to play the game. Defensively, he holds his own at the very least. Also consider that he is a former player for Eric Wedge when he managed the Cleveland Indians. Wedge plays the same system now as he did back then so another bonus is that Shoppach already knows what to expect. He would be the perfect example to be a mentor and example to Jesus Montero as well. He should win this role, period.

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