Memo to Kevin Youkilis: It's 2013 You Play for the New York Yankees

By Nik Swartz
Kevin Youkilis New York Yankees
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As nice as it is for the New York Yankees to add a veteran player, one that is also a solid player, it may be time to give the newly acquired Kevin Youkilis, the “Yankees-Way” rule-book. First of all Youkilis, on your first day in Tampa, don’t tell the New York press how you will always be a member of the Boston Red Sox; not sure if you missed it during your eight seasons in Boston, but Yankee fans don’t really like the Red Sox. Actually Youkilis, not many Yankee fans have ever really liked you all that much either, so as good of an idea as it may have seemed to declare your love for the hated Red Sox, in your first hour in pinstripes, it may be a conversation you save for when you leave the Yankees. Just a little friendly reminder, you now play for the Yankees. Until you do something to help the team win, keep those lips zipped; no Yankee fan wants to hear of your love of those up on Yawkey Way.

Youkilis has to have a big season for the Yankees to be competitive, so even if the Yankee fans don’t want to, they will cheer for him because they realize the team needs him.

Youkilis may be used to pressure, but he has never faced the pressure of being a former Red Sox in a Yankee uniform. The fans patience for him to perform will not last long. For Yankee fans to even warm up to him, it will take at least a game winning homer; for Youkilis to fully achieve total fan appreciation, it may take a few. So coming to Spring Training and talking about two things Yankees fans hate the most; the Red Sox and Alex Rodriguez, in the same interview, is not getting him off on the right foot with the fans. He may say he it won’t bother him, now, but all he has to do is asked the man he is replacing, how much fun it is to play at home and get booed every night; that should change his tune.

Most Yankee fans already know Youkilis is Mrs. Brady, being married to the prince of Massachusetts’ Tom Brady’s sister. So for your sake Youkilis, perform before telling all of New York how much you love Boston and how the New England Patriots are the greatest thing since sliced bread. Everyone knows you and Joba Chamberlain won’t be going out for beers and hot wings anytime soon, so how about making a few new friends in the locker room at least before you tell the world you will always be a Red Sox; or your Yankee teammates may dislike you as much as Bobby Valentine did last season.

Not many are expecting much from Youkilis, outside of the men who signed him, but he has to have a much better season at the plate than his .230 BA in 2012, when he split time between MLB baseball Soxs, the Red and Chicago White Sox in 2012. Everyone performs better at their job when they enjoy coming to work, so instead of running your mouth, go make a friend; just to remind you, the friends you are looking for are the guys in the pinstripes.


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