New York Mets will wait to bring up Wilmer Flores

By Colin Greten
Derick Hingle-USATODAY Sports

The New York Mets continue to be methodical in their approach of their young players, as they look towards the future. Wilmer Flores, one of their top hitting prospects, has the talent to be a MLB player as early as late 2013. The biggest issue with Flores is his position.

Flores has played at third base and shortstop mostly, and has been a good fielder at both positions. He has played second base at times, but has no experience in the outfield or at first base. New York signed David Wright to an 8-year/138 million dollar extension, and Flores will not be playing third for the Mets any time soon. Ruben Tejada has already proven himself on the major league level and is a solid, young option at shortstop for at least the next few seasons.

The most feasible option at second base, as Daniel Murphy has been inconsistent and is only signed for one more year. However, if the Mets want Flores to play this season, it will likely have to be in the outfield.

The Mets are in no rush to promote Flores to the big league level. The team could use help in the outfield, but Flores has never even practiced in the outfield. He is unlikely to be ready to play outfield at the major league level this year, and has no other position, unless a Mets’ infielder gets hurt.

New York is continuing to rebuild, and rushing Flores to the professional level is not going to make the team a playoff contender.

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