Arizona Diamondbacks Have No Problem Playing Underdog Role

By David Miller
Kirk Gibson Diamondbacks
Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

Apparently the Arizona Diamondbacks are saying that they would have no problem being considered an underdog. That’s good, because they are the underdog. In their own division they have the much improved Los Angeles Dodgers and the World Series Champion San Francisco Giants. Even if you give the Diamondbacks the edge over the Colorado Rockies and the San Diego Padres, that still leaves them probably the third best team in the National League West.

When you factor in the Atlanta Braves, Washington Nationals and other top teams from the NL East and Central, the Diamondbacks probably fall several more spots down. If this were any other sport where seemingly dozens of teams make the playoffs, the Diamondbacks could be a playoff contender out of Spring Training. For now at least, Major League Baseball has fewer playoff teams than the other sports, thank God, and that puts the Diamondbacks out of playoff contention for the beginning of the season.

There is good news though. Thankfully, as the Oakland Athletics proved last season in the American League West, the playoff contenders out of spring training don’t amount to a hill of beans when the end of the season comes. So, enjoy feeling like the underdog, Diamondbacks, because you are just that. If you make the playoffs however, you won’t be underdogs anymore. So enjoy it now if you like it so much.

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